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Hey there, I'm Vanessa!


A passionate photographer from the Pacific Northwest, dedicated to crafting environments where individuals can embrace their beauty and confidence authentically.

My photographic journey began at the University of Washington, where I delved into various realms of photography including High Fashion, Fine Portraiture, Live Events, and beyond.

Craving something more personal, I made a shift to photograph Families, Engagements, Maternity and other personal projects. I love creating compelling portraits and collaborating closely with clients to produce works that are both distinctive and intimate.

Which is what led me to Lucidami Productions - "lucid" meaning light and "ami" love - I wanted a name that was both unique and fitting to my work. But also, Vanessa Williams isn't as SEO friendly! :)


I thrive on the opportunity to engage with diverse individuals and their visions. Don't hesitate to share your ideas - let's embark on a creative journey together!


Vanessa Williams (she/her)

Lucidami Productions Owner Photo
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